Bridal Makeup Artistry

makeup by Sylvia

airbrush for flawless skin
airbrush for flawless skin



airbrush for flawless skin
airbrush for flawless skin


Congratuations on your engagement and your upcoming wedding!  You've dreamed of what your Storybook Wedding will be like for as long as you can remember.  You've spent countless hours looking for the perfect gown, the perfect shoes and the perfect accessories to compliment it.  You've even decided what hairstyle  you'll wear.  Don't let your makeup be the thing that slips... it's the first thing people will notice about you and everyday makeup just won't do.  Picture-perfect makeup is the finishing touch to your elegant's the icing on your cake and it makes all the difference in the way your professional photos will look.  You want your skin to look flawless and your eyes and lips to look beautiful.  So, investing in a great photographer isn't the only step towards great quality photos for your happily ever after...

Xtreme Faux Mink lashes and makeup by Sylvia

Trial Run Makeup

1.5-2 hrs | $135

Wedding Day Makeup

1-1.5 hrs | $135


It is recommended that you reserve your Trial Run at least 3 to 6 months months in advance.  We find out your likes and dislikes and together we'll come up with the perfect look for you. Your foundation is customized and airbrushed for flawless perfection. Everything is recorded at your trial run and and easily duplicated on your wedding day, so it's one less thing you'll have to worry about.  Full makeup application, includes face, neck, ears, decollete area, shoulders, eyelash flare pieces (not extensions), contouring, highlighting, brow trim, tweeze.  Minimum of 4 makeup applications required for artist on-location (1 artist $100 | 2 artists $150). More than 4 applications may require an additional makeup artist.  We can also provide an artist for hair, contact us for details.

Wedding Day Makeup, no Trial Run

1.5-2 hrs | $175

Glamorous Fur or Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

2 hrs | starting at $250

A must have for every bride!  Enjoy picture perfect eyelash extensions that are always camera-ready from your bridal shower through your honeymoon!  It is recommended you get your eyelash extensions at least 3 weeks prior to your wedding date with a lash fill a day or two before.

Personal Blend Lipstick

1 tube $35 | 2 tubes same hue $65

Your very own personal blend!  Completely customized! You can add flavor & essence (pink champagne, creme brulee, cherries jubilee, mint, rose or chocolate), SPF (to protect) and you can also name it that sweet little nickname your dad had for you or that cute and cuddly name your  fiance calls  you...  it's a wonderful reminder of your special day!

Bridesmaids + Mothers

45-60 min

Custom makeup with Airbrush foundation application (includes eyelash flare pieces, not extensions) $95

Custom makeup application (includes eyelash flare pieces, not extensions) $85 | without eyelash flare pieces $75

Your foundation is custom blended, matching your skin exactly and personal preferences for texture and coverage. Hand blended silky soft triple-milled mineral powders are customized and personalized for your skin tone allowing your natural skin to show through so you look soft, beautiful and naturally stunning.