custom blend cosmetics

This mineral powder combination creates a beautiful transparent blush that lets your skin show through!

Custom Blend Liquid Foundation + Concealer

This is hands down the best foundation you will ever have tried - you will love, love, love this foundation!  It is COMPLETELY PERSONALIZED with botanical additives and personal preferences for texture, coverage (sheer/light/medium/heavy) and hue.  Made to match your skin tone exactly.  Also available is a super sheer tinted moisturizer or sunglaze, perfect for summer or to take on that next summer vacation for just a subtle hint of coverage.


Ultra Soothing Botanical Complex to reduce redness & inflammation

Ultra Firming for immediate firming and tightening that lasts all day

Ultra Hydrating hydrates, firms, softens and reduces wrinkles

Copper Peptide helps to rebuild collagen and elastin to diminish fine lines, firm skin, improve strength and reduce loss of elasticity

Additional SPF and other performance additives are also available


Liquid Botanical Foundation with personalized additives | $65 | refill $60

Creamy Coverage Enhancer/Concealer with personalized additives | $30

Custom Mineral Powder Foundation, Sheer Veil, Bronzer, Blush, Eyeshadow


Completely hand blended, personalized for full or sheer coverage and color will match your skin tone exactly.  Additional spf, enhanced coverage, and other additives also available.  I can also create and match any color of a broken or discontinued favorite pressed or mineral powder (foundation, blush, eyeshadow or brow powder).


Mineral Powder Foundation, Bronzer or Sheer Veil with personalized additives |  $60

Mineral Powder Blush | $40

Mineral Powder Eyeshadow or Brow Powder | $30

Personal Blend Lipstick + Lip Lacquer with spf 14


Lipstick 1 tube $35 | 2 tubes same hue $65

Lip Lacquer 1 tube $30

Do you dream of the perfect lipstick?  We can make it for you!  Your very own personal blend!  Completely customized!  Our personal blend lipstick is customized for your preferences for base (matte, sheer, cream), color, texture, flavor, frost, glitter, shine, SPF (to protect against the sun), lip plumper and anti-aging additives (to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles).  You can also add flavor and essence (pink champagne, creme brulee, cherries jubilee, mint, rose or chocolate) and you can even name it that sweet little nickname your dad had for you or that cute and cuddly name your significant other calls  you...  it's a wonderful reminder of your special day! The perfect gift!  Perfect solution to that discontinued favorite lipstick!  Bring in a fabric swatch or your favorite nail polish and we can match that too!